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I've been asked on more than one occasion "How did you become a Captain?" My reply- "I pretty much did the opposite of what my high school guidance counselor suggested." 

While my fascination with the water began early on, I definitely have taken the long road to get here and tried on many hats to see what fits. After many years and careers, it all came down to one fortunate  day in 2004. I had been a Corporate Trainer working with major law firms for around five years at the time and was talking about the complexities of life with a senior attorney I was good friends with. He saw me looking out intently at Biscayne Bay from his 25th floor window and told me "Jon, it's pretty obvious you'd rather be on the water." I replied "Bob, you're right- I'm going downstairs to quit right now!" Within 30 minutes, I gave my 30 day notice and haven't looked back!