About the Captain...

How does one go from working as a Corporate Trainer to becoming a yacht captain?

I am often told "You've got the greatest job in the world- how did you get that job?" My reply is not only comical; it's truthful- I reply "I pretty much just did the opposite of what my high School guidance counselor recommended. The truth is, my journey is pretty much a direct result of my father exposing me to boating even before I could walk. We had a place in Key Largo and I was constantly immersed in anything ocean-related, so it was no surprise that I went straight into the US Coast Guard following high school where my work included ATON (Aids to navigation) and law enforcement/ immigration patrol in the Florida Straits. Following my time in the guard, I tried on many hats to see what would fit and don't ask me how, but I talked Holland & Knight LLP into hiring me to help out as a trainer during a software conversion. Well, word got out and I was recruited by several other firms during a 5 year period until I found myself responsible for training everyone who walked through the door as a full time Corporate Technology Trainer with Hunton & Williams LLP. One day, I was on the 25th floor overlooking Biscayne Bay and having a conversation with one of the firm's partners Robert Rausch who happened to be a USCG veteran and boater as well when he said something that would alter my course- "Why are you still here doing this Jonathan? Isn't it clear that you'd rather be at sea?" I instantly felt as if I'd been set free and replied "You're right Bob- I'm going down to HR to give them notice right now" and that is exactly what I did. I can't say that I recommend this to everyone, but it has worked out pretty well for me since 2004.

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